Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dear Brooks...

Dear Brooks,
I have a confession to make….
I cheated on you.
I took my eyes off your glorious shoes and customer service and everything else you stand for… and cheated on you.
I ran mile after mile in another brand. I realized about 100 miles into my shoe that I had gone so terribly wrong, but I was already so far gone, there was no turning back.
Please forgive me. I do not know what I was thinking. I allowed my heart to be swayed, even though my mind never was convinced. Now, I am back. I see the error of my ways.
Brooks- you never let me down. I have had poor fits, and you have righted the wrong. You have stood by me mile after mile and kept me feeling great.

Let it be known that I am back and will not be looking back. I am moving on from my cheating ways.
Brooks- yours truly, so long as you keep me running happy.

Love, Rebecca

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