Tuesday, July 31, 2012

You know you are a distance runner when...

I know there are a number of these lists floating around, however, I decided I would make one of my own, so here goes…

You know you are a distance runner when:

*        Body Glide is a normal part of your daily routine, similar to deodorant

*        You often have fewer than 10 toe nails

*        You continuously scrub your ankles and your elbow pits (cubital fossa is the correct phrase) thinking they are dirty, but alas, those are tan lines

*        Weekend plans are determined around mileage, not the other way around

*        An eight mile run no longer feels like a “long run” and four miles goes by really fast

*        An eight mile has become “just eight”

*        You start to plan your vacations and visits with family around races

*        Compression gear is a normal part of your attire and you wear it around shamelessly

*        Fuel for runs gets its own line item in the budget, just like groceries and gas

*        You own more running shorts than you do casual shorts and you can’t wait to buy the next pair

*        Chaffing in strange places is almost expected

*        You find people starring at you in public (such as in line at the grocery store) as you realize you look like a contortionist as you stretch those sore muscles

*        You spend more on running shoes than any other shoe in your wardrobe

*        Snot rockets don’t phase you

*        You watch for updates on the WS 100

*        You know what the WS 100 is

*        Cotton t-shirts given at races might prevent you from signing up… who wears cotton any more anyways?

*        You know what a fartlek is

*        A foam roller has a special spot in the house

*        Life celebrations start to involve a run of some sort

*        There is no better smell than the smell of a brand new pair of running shoes

*        A taper with runs no longer then 4-6 miles in incredibly painful

*        The USA marathon and track and field Olympic trials have made it onto your calendar as events to track

*        You know who Gordy Ansleigh is

*        You could lick salt off of a cracker without ever worrying about eating the cracker

*        Your coworkers comment on the amount of water you drink and you find yourself wondering why they don’t drink more

*        You know precisely how many miles are on your current pair of running shoes

*        The second half always hurts so good…and often feels easier than the first half

*        Being called a “jogger” hurts a little

What are your “you know you are a runner when…” moments?