Saturday, March 17, 2012


It has been a long time since I have been on this blog and updated anything! Life has been exceptionally busy and considering I am not paid to blog or run (which would be so awesome), other things get in the way. I often create a list of blog ideas in my head while I am out on a run, write them all down, and then never get to them. Since it has been so long, I figured I should do a little update of what has been going on this year so far.

Ben has started to run again. For those who do not know, Ben, my husband and running partner, was injured for a long time. This was a huge challenge in many ways. He is not back to 100 % but he is slowly increasing his mileage and we are figuring ways to incorporate his mileage with my mileage. Oh, and that speed I thought I had been gaining while he was out… yeah… somehow, for short runs, he has gained speed too (maybe he was secretly running?). It is amazing to have him running again!

Training for me continues, and I am increasing my mileage (and have had to replace my shoes already) in preparation for a list of races. The race calendar is not complete yet, as I still need to figure out a few, including a 50 miler, but I do have several races coming up (two halves in April and a full in May). Look for reviews of the race after each one!  

I have had the opportunity to run with a friend who is relatively new to running. In this, I have been able to be a part of her hitting several new milestones in her running. She will even be doing a half with me in April! I have also been able to run a couple of times with a coworker who is also a runner and appreciate experiencing running with a variety of people.

Running continues to be a source of joy and an outlet for me and I hope to continue to share this with you! I do not promise to blog every day, but especially as racing season approaches, I hope to be more consistent in my blogging. Who doesn’t want to share running ;) ?

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