Friday, December 30, 2011

Jackets... for the furry creatures

When we got Brewer, our 70 pound weimaraner, we thought it was unusual that he had very little hair and would get so cold during the winter months. He was known to shiver at stop lights while running the first we had him. One of Ben’s regular customers heard about this and gave us a bomber jacket that her dog had once used. Yes, it even has the furry looking collar. I am sure we looked like quite a strange bunch while running with a dog in a bomber jacket! Runs were still miserable and people standing next to us at stop lights looked at us like we were abusing the poor guy as he whimpered the time away. We did recently find out that he has alopecia, which explains the general lack of hair.
Finally, we caved and decided to buy Brewer a winter jacket. Conveniently,, one of my favorite gear sites (and one that if you are not familiar with, I would suggest that you do so right now!) had a water/wind proof jacket for over 50 % off. We took a gamble with his size and ordered him a Ruffwear Cloud Chaser Soft Shell Jacket.
When it arrived, I could not help but feel that his jacket was cooler than any piece of gear I currently owned. The fit was just right and it does block water quite well. The underside covers enough of his body that he is not completely dirty when we get home. The jacket also has reflective piping that shows up quite nicely in the beam of car headlights as they drive by. The jacket has withstood much time and abuse and is still going strong. Brewer still does whine at stop lights (and when we stop to rest or take pictures when hiking) but it is significantly less!
For those of you looking for something to keep that poor pooch of yours warm during these winter months, this is a purchase neither of you will regret!!

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